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What is Smart Home and Home Automation

March 25, 2017

The government had been mentioning about SMART HOME over the recent years and also emphasize to be a SMART nation. We also noticed that there is an increasing trend of home owners searching for SMART Home or Home Automation in Singapore. But what actually is a SMART Home or Home Automation and do we really need it?

What is a SMART HOME?

“Smart Home” is a term to define a home that has the appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems automated and are capable of communicating with one another.

Smart Home can be controlled remotely by a time schedule from any part of the home and also remotely from any location in the world by through a smart phone or internet. It provides home owners convenience, comfort, security and energy efficiency at all times, regardless of whether the owners are outside or at home. You need to do home automation your home by choosing the right system that suits your needs.


Home Automation is the use of computer or a smart phone to control basic home functions and features such as lighting, home appliances and electronics either at home or remotely from any location. It can also control automatically through time scheduling such as setting the time to open the curtain, switch on the fan or air conditioner. With home automation, it will turn your home into a SMART home.

Home automation can also include door entry digital lock, security surveillance and detectors systems by monitoring your home remotely. Home automation might also include robots such as automatic vacuum cleaners or SMART robot IP Camera. Home Automation help to make your home safe, comfortable, suits your lifestyle and most important energy savings.


Lighting: The most popular and common use for home automation. It can be program to be turn on at a particular time or even when you open the main door after coming back home from work or trip.

Air-conditioning: You’re on your way home and it is been a hot day. With home automation, you can turn on your air conditioning unit or a couple of fans before your reach home. going just as you take off for the day. Best of all, you can also turn it off remotely in case you forgotten to switch off when you leave home.

Security: An automated security system in your home provides a far more safer experience than traditional methods. With IP cameras, you can view what is happening in your home over the Internet. You will be able to monitor kids or elderly more better. With the built in motion sensor, it will be able to you an email or text message if it detect movement.

Home Theater System: You will be able to control your home theater system such as TV or player from you smart phone through home automation. You will also be able to program it to turn on at a particular timing.


Turning a home into a SMART Home provide occupants various benefits. It is the same benefits that technology such as calculator, personal computing and the Internet have brought to us over the past years. The home owners can control their home lightings or appliances through their smart phones or program scheduling from any part of the rooms or locations which give them the convenience and savings of energy, money and time.


Home Automation used to be popular only for landed property in the past due to the high installation and setup fees. However, with today advanced of technology such as WiFi, Z-Wave and ZigBee, home automation is now affordable for all types of homes from HDB to condominium.

However we personally feel that home automation is more towards a lifestyle needs and instead of a necessity, as such you can automate your new home if you have additional budget of around $5,000. But do remember that this technologies are tapping on your home network and also consider as an electronic equipment, the possibility of down time is still exist which might end up giving you inconvenience or security issue.