Improve Your Home with an Outstanding Renovation Contractor

Building the future and restoring the past; that’s what our renovation contractor Singapore business is all about.

With more than three decades of experience, our renovation contractor Singapore is a leading general contracting company that provides exceptional renovation services and quality craftsmanship, without any hidden costs.

As a premier renovation contractor Singapore, we have collaborated with some of the most renowned engineering and architecture firms in the industry. From the development of luxury apartments, the complete renovation of existing buildings, we have done it all in the past 30 years – and we look forward to doing even more in the future.

Whether you are looking to add more square footage to your existing home with an extension, you would like to renovate a historic building and restore its grandeur, or you would like to build a new home or office building or complex, you can count on the experts at our renovation contractor Singapore firm to turn your vision into a reality.

Building Relationships One Construction Project at a Time

Our dedication, passion and commitment to excellence, coupled with our high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service has solidified our reputation as preeminent Renovation Contracting Company in Singapore. We view contracting as more than just building; we see it as an art form. In order to create a true masterpiece for someone, we think that having a firm understanding of a client’s priorities, visions and objectives is paramount. To that end, we will work with you every step of the way. From the conception of your project to its completion, we will make sure that you are involved in all aspects of the planning and implementation of your new construction or renovation.

At our fully licensed and insured general contracting firm, our skilled contractors truly are experts in all areas of construction and renovation, and will make sure that all of your desires, concerns and needs are assessed and addressed.

Whether you are looking for a renovation contractor Singapore to redesign, reconfigure or breathe new life into an existing building, or you purchased land that you want to build a new house or an office complex on, the experts at renovation contracting firm will not only deliver on your expectations, but they will also exceed them.

When you contact us for your contracting or renovation needs, we will sit down with you to discuss your specific ideas, desires and dreams to come up with a plan that will make your construction project a complete success.

What We Offer

Our Renovation Contractor Singapore is a full-service contracting and renovation company; and when we say full-service, we mean full-service. In fact, we offer so many services to our clients that you will be hard-pressed to find another contracting company who offers even close to what we provide.

The experts at our renovation contracting firm are proud to offer the following to our clients:

· An in-house architect, who will artfully design your new construction or renovation project, ensuring that it is both constructively sound, that it meets specific codes and regulations, and that it meets your specific needs (design, size and layout of rooms, footprints of kitchens and bathrooms, etc.)

· An award-winning, international interior design and decorating team, who works with us on all of our projects.

· A mill shop, where we fabricate all custom built-ins, custom cabinetry and more, and then install them for your project.

· In-house plumbers, who will precisely plan all of the plumbing needs for your project, from laying new water lines to installing new plumbing fixtures.

· In-house electricians, who will expertly install all of the electrical wiring, outlets, fixtures, and power supplies for your electrical needs.

· An in-house Audio-Visual (AV) company, who will design a custom audio-visual system for your home theater, using the most cutting-edge equipment and technologies.

· In-house high-end painters, who will paint the interior and/or exterior of your project with precision.

At our renovation contractor Singapore firm, we realize that all projects and all clients have particular needs. We are delighted to work with homeowners and business owners, ensuring that all of their needs are attended to. We will help you choose the best products for your specific needs. We will assist you with choosing the best finishes – from window treatments to cabinet hardware – to make the finished project stand out and truly one-of-a kind. We will make sure that your project stays on budget, no matter what your budget may be, and ensure that it will be completed within the estimated timeframe – no matter limited your timeframe may be.

Homeowners and business owners in and around Singapore alike, have been able to turn construction dreams into a reality, thanks to the outstanding services and exceptional craftsmanship that the professionals that our contractors offer.

Whether you would like to turn your unfinished basement into a state-of-the-art home theater, complete with a cutting-edge surround sound system and custom lighting design, or you would like to restore the elegance, grace and sophistication of a once grand, now dilapidated building, you can count on the professionals at our renovation contracting firm in Singapore to not only deliver on your expectations, but to supersede them.

We will make sure that you are involved in every step of the renovation process to ensure that all of your specific goals are met. You will be involved in the design process, you will be able to oversee the construction process, and you will help us with choosing all of the finishing touches – from the cabinet colors to the tile, and everything in between. By allowing you to be so involved in the process, we are able to ensure that your specific needs are met and that your renovation dreams become a reality.

If you would like to learn more about the services that we offer, or you would like to receive a proposal or quote, please, give us a call. At our renovation contracting firm, we are proud to say that we NAIL every project, every time.